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Frequency Campaigns: Good Intentions Sometimes Go Awry

Frequency programs are marketing initiatives that we use to keep our name in front of clients and prospects. The goal typically is to put your name in front of them as often as they have the opportunity to buy from you or make a referral.

Newsletters are a great frequency program. Unfortunately many well-meaning publisher go overboard. They start off with a schedule that far exceeds their ability to publish and quickly find themselves overwhelmed. Rather than scale back, they just quit entirely, disappointing their audience and ruining any momentum they had started.

That’s why I always encourage clients to start with a quarterly campaign. This give you adequate time to conceive, compose, create and distribute your publication plus get customer feedback before the next issue has to go out. A few times around the block with this schedule will give you more than enough time to identify the right frequency for your organization and your sales process.

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