Graphic Design & Logos

Corporate logos and graphics: your visual representation.

While there are a multitude of options for inexpensive online and DIY logo design, the reality is that thoughtful, eye-catching logo design is hard work and can be painfully expensive. To achieve the best outcome, our teams follow a disciplined approach from creative direction and concept design through color selection.

A measured revision process allows for control and accountability over outcomes, helping to prevent spiraling costs or client frustration.

Each time we create or update company or product logos, we also update and deliver a new branding guide. The guide is intended to be used internally by your team to help them understand when and how to use the new logo as well as pitfalls to avoid. The guide spells out color guidelines and file formats, allowing staff and vendors to be always consistent in their delivery of your brand and avoid any mishaps that might degrade your professional appearance.

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