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Increasing Your Site’s Visibility on Google Search

You can quickly boost your visibility on Google by adding Google+ to your social media footprint.

When organizations start to think about using Google+ for their business, one of the first questions they ask is how can Google+ help my business?

First of all, Google+ and Google Search are directly linked. Google Search is the largest search engine in the world. When you first set up your business on Google+, you’ll have the opportunity to verify it. By doing so, Google will now recognize it as an official business. Your contact and location information will also be easily available, so people know where they can go to find more information about your business.

When you verify your business, you’re going to show up in Google Search results as an official Google Place with all of your contact information. So, just from an SEO perspective, Google+ is almost a necessity these days for businesses that are looking to increase their online presence.

When you post a status update to Google+, those status updates are indexed in the Google Search Engine and will appear in search results. Then potential clients can click through to your Google+ page. Google+ also allows your customers to rate your business, and those ratings appear right in search results.

I’m Already Using Social Media. Why would I need Google+ too?

Google+ is linked with all of the other Google services. That includes YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine in the world), Google Search, and Google Places. As a business owner, when you start using Google+, you’re setting up your brand on multiple services, increasing your visibility. Google+ also does a great job of catering to businesses.

Google+ users are interested in discovering new things relevant to their business. Facebook users tend to be more interested in their close-knit social networks, so there’s a lot of “private” posting and private photos being uploaded. There’s more “public” post interaction on Google+ than on Facebook. As a Google+ business, you’re going to be posting publicly.

Google+ allows for a great deal of creativity. Photos and videos look great. On Twitter, for instance, you’re limited to how much you can type in one post, which, when you’re trying to explain a product or service, that can be very limiting. On Google+, you have the freedom you need. You can post videos, photos and write as much text as you want, formatted just the way you like.

To Get Started

If you don’t already have one, signup for a Google Account at

For instructions on how to set up your Google+ Business page, check out the article, “How to Create a Google Plus Page for Your Small Business.

Need Help?

Contact us if you’d like more information on how to set up your Google+ Business page.

We can even set up your blog posts to automatically post to your new Google+ Business page as well all of your other Social Media platforms.


This post courtesy of Web Developer Kerry Wolfe


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