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LinkedIn with Marilynn Mobley

I had the good fortune of meeting Marilynn Mobley, SVP of Edelman Atlanta, for lunch today (along with 80 new friends who happen to be members or guests of ProWIN).  I’ve been following her efforts off and on for a few years at the recommendation of clients and friends. Today was a particularly big day for her as she had just been tapped to run their Boomer practice but she still made good on her commitment to speak to this enthusiastic group of women.

The popular topic was of course social media but the different spin was application to boomers. Most of the people in this audience were under the misimpression that social media, like texting, was for young(er) people. Marilynn went on to cite interesting stats about the average age of users on FaceBook, MySpace, etc. By the end of the hour she had most of the audience convinced they should be blogging and invited them to join her on LinkedIn.

She’s already responded to my invitation to join my network. I’ve heard from a few other new friends I met there as well. Interestingly, there are only175 folks in her network. Left me wondering, why would so few folks take her up on the offer? Any thoughts?

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