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Perhaps it is time for 5 Guys to invest in new content?

As I left Starbuck’s this morning (with a tall cup of scalding Awake tea in hand), I noticed the graphics in the window of 5 Guys Burgers next door broadcasting recognition they had received from magazines and newspapers in 1998 and 1999. I did a double take it first. I mean, it is 2010. These awards were from two decades ago!

Awards certainly lend credibility to a business but when your latest recognition is from 11 years ago it leaves the customer wondering: are they still any good? If they were good enough for press in 1998 and 1999, what has happened since? Dare I eat there now?

The same line of thinking goes for your print and electronic marketing materials. If you’re still passing out a brochure that celebrates the tenth anniversary of your business in 2007, it is time for a refresh. And even without dates, if you know that you haven’t re-written the web copy on your home page in more than 24 months then don’t think your prospects and customers haven’t noticed.

Content is king. It is the vitality of your communications (not YouTube) and what allows you to shout from a mountain top your most important thoughts and offers. You don’t need an award from the Daily News in order to have something to say. Your experience is your credibility. Your customers and prospects look to you for information on your area of expertise and you owe it to give them timely and updated content.

So this January in the time of New Year’s resolutions, make a pact with yourself to update at least one of the following:

1. Press Release Boilerplate — When is the last time you read this thing? Is it even current?

2. Web site home page copy — Make it about what you customer needs not what you do.

3. Corporate Brochure — If you need a printed piece, great. But make it sing!

4. Your Voice Mail Greeting — really, this is a super easy place to distribute content that everyone except you has to listen to.

5. Your autosig — Besides your contact info, what other info could you be sharing here? Add a link today to a special offer from your firm or a quick survey.

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