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Protect Your Organization’s Facebook Credentials with Facebook Protect

In the digital age, your business’s social media presence is paramount to real world success. Meta, the holding company that owns and operates Facebook and Instagram, has created and continues to create new tools to keep your business profiles safe from hacking, spam and other nefarious plots.

At Michael Mackenzie we manage many of these types of business accounts, particularly on Facebook. As such, we recently were asked to be an early adopter of a new security program called Facebook Protect. Facebook Protect is currently being rolled out to accounts with the potential to reach many followers, hold some significance in the community, or run important Pages. Any of these three categories makes a user profile more attractive to bad actors.

Enabling Facebook Protect authorizes Facebook to monitor your account for vulnerabilities, and to contact you to help resolve them as they reveal themselves. For example, a Page with multiple users authorized to post may identify one or two users that need to activate two factor authentication or need to update a password that has been used with other websites.

Facebook Protect is not an optional security step. Facebook is requiring users to activate it in order to continue utilizing the platform. This is not immediate for all users, but expect to see a prompt on your feed sooner rather than later as Meta pushes the program out to more and more users every day.

This post is courtesy of MMC Media Production Manager Avery Lane.

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