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Something for Everyone in Solis’ Conversation Prism

I had the opportunity to speak to attendees of the Georgia Oglethorpe Awards Conference at the Loudermilk Center in downtown Atlanta today. They asked me to share a little about how the changing patterns in media consumption were providing new PR opportunities. This subject matter was quite a change from the rest of the day’s agenda, comprised primarily of workshops focused on INTERNAL systems improvement, but I was successful in opening in their eyes new ways to improve their EXTERNAL customer facing strategy.

In closing I introduced my audience to Brian Solis’ Conversation Prism,

not because we had time to explore all that it involved, but to make the point that there are so many different ways to engage and converse with our audience that they ought to be able to find AT LEAST ONE channel that works for them. Based the on the Q&A, I think they took their “homework” to heart and will be testing out new channels soon.

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