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The Business of Bad Reviews

In a previous post, we talked about the many marketing benefits of online reviews. Most business owners realize the power of positive reviews. Unfortunately, at some point, they also become aware of the impact of a less-than-stellar rating.

In most cases, a client’s first response to a negative review is to (1) remove it or (2) fight back.

Let it Be

One dim star doesn’t matter as much when it’s surrounded by glowing five-star reviews. Instead of deleting the bad, bury it with the good. Focus on getting more positive posts that will outweigh the ones you aren’t so proud of. Negative reviews make the positive ones look even better.

Remember, no business is perfect. It isn’t realistic to think that no one has ever been disappointed with your company, service or product. The good news is that the majority of online reviewers are there to offer praise with four and five star reviews. Negative reviews are rare, but they are real.

Fighting is Foolish

Generally speaking, you should respond to negative reviews, but only after you’ve cooled down and developed a thoughtful response. Addressing the less-than-stellar review can help mitigate any damage the negative feedback might cause. How you respond matters. If done correctly, it shows you care and customers will take note of how you handle a mistake or problem. Your reply should attempt to resolve the customer’s complaint and not be argumentative. Look at this as a chance to show off your customer service prowess.

You should actually respond to ALL reviews – the positive ones, too. Thank happy clients for their business and for taking the time to share their thoughts. The more you engage with your clients online, the better. Engagement helps develop your good reputation and attract more loyal customers.


This post courtesy of Account Manager, Jennifer Kardian

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