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What’s on the Horizon for SEO?

An inherent quality of the Internet is that it is always changing. I spend a good 25% of my day, every day, reading and researching, trying to stay abreast of what's coming next and whether or not it is important for our Clients. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is always at…

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Spelling Matters Even on Social, Just Ask Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey crowning the wrong beauty contestant Miss Universe has garnered millions of extra eyeballs as broadcast media continue to replay what was no doubt a horrifying moment for all of the contestants. But it’s the attempt by Harvey afterwards to offer his condolences that should have thousands of trained…

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Another Example of When Advertising Really Isn’t the Same as PR

With the increasing fragmentation of media and the ever shrinking budget for journalists comes a great opportunity for media coverage for those businesses who take the time to explore it. Online and offline publications looking to fill their growing pages are more interested in bylined articles.  Bylined article submission should…

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When Great Subject Lines Fail to Deliver

Today I received an email with the subject, "I would like to take you to lunch." Quick and to the point, it got my attention and made me open it. The problem was once I got inside there was a form letter from a man I do not know trying…

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What Makes a Good Testimonial?

We regularly capture content for clients that is fashioned into a press release or case study but one of the things I see clients struggling with is capturing really good testimonials. All too often clients will want to post testimonials on their website or in their newsletter from favored and…

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