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A Primer on File Types

As we frequently get questions about files types from customers and friends. I wanted to share a quick primer prepared by one of my teammates: An EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is a vector-based, high-resolution file that can be re-sized (enlarged or reduced) without losing detail. It is the standard file format…

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The Lost Art of Press Proofs

When I first started buying printing, we'd get a proof with everything we ordered. The customer always hated paying for the proof but it was the only way we had to confirm that the Quark file submitted (usually on an iomega tape at that time) was in order and that the…

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Although I never recommend that you adhere labels to envelopes…

There are times when I do actually recommend clients buy labels. Usually as part of a promotion — where you might use them to highlight a special offer — or to personalize collateral that was pre-printed by someone else.

The second instance is one we encountered recently, where it made good economic sense for my client to make use of the high quality materials provided for a product he resells. Before passing the brochures along to his customers/prospects, we’re labeling them with his contact information so when they receive it, they’ll be sure to call him for more information. I ordered his labels from They have a great selection and easy to use downloaded templates that you can use to setup your labels inside of Word.

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Ordering printing is getting easier but that doesn’t mean you should DIY

It seems that every day I run into a better, faster, cheaper option for printing everything from postcards to business cards to banners. 

Printing is a perfect example of a product or service that has been radically changed by the Internet. Individual buyers no longer have to go through professionals to make purchases of their corporate communications materials. First they were able to take the short cut by going to quick print locations like Minute Man Press or Sir Speedy. Then they just started ordering their printing on-line. And each time they show me the results they are so proud of how cheap they got it. Well sometimes you get what you pay for.

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