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How Can You Develop a Privacy Policy for Your Website?

If you operate a website that collects user information, it should have a privacy policy. Some may argue that you should include a privacy policy even if you do not collect user data. Read more about why your business website needs a privacy policy here. Now you may be asking, what exactly is a privacy policy? A privacy policy is a document that explains to users how you will be collecting their information, what you will use it for, how long it will be stored, who it will be shared with, and what rights the user has over their data.

Alternatively, if you do not plan on collecting user data, you can create a privacy policy that states that is the case. Although in the United States, the need for privacy policies is left up to each state and each industry, having a policy in place can save you from potential liability issues later down the road if you decide to do business across state or country boundaries. If nothing else, privacy policies can make your website appear more professional and gives your website visitors a sense of credibility.

Privacy policies can seem like a burden, especially when they must comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act, Australian Privacy Act, General Data Protection Regulation, and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Luckily, you may not need to hire an attorney to draft your privacy policy as there are privacy policy generators that allow you to answer a few questions, and then they will create one for you.

Termageddon is one such privacy policy generator that helps comply with privacy laws and consumer protection laws and limits your liability. Once the policy is on your website, Termageddon will automatically update with newly required disclosures whenever the laws change. The Termageddon website is very user-friendly as well. After creating an account, buying a license, and answering questions about your website’s data collection process, you will comply with privacy policy best practices helping you to avoid possible liabilities from your website. Termageddon issues an alert when new privacy laws are passed in Canada, North America, Europe, and Australia so you can stay up to date with compliance requirements. Still, Termageddon will automatically update your privacy policy to comply with new laws. Click here to learn why it is so important that your privacy policy is up to date.

Overall, privacy policies may prevent you or your company from issues down the road. Even if you do not collect personal data, it may be worthwhile to add a privacy policy that states such to give your website credibility. Take advantage of privacy policy generators to ease the process of creating and adding one to your site.

This post is courtesy of MMC Intern Kayla Travis

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