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Why You Need an Up-to-Date Privacy Policy

The issue of Privacy Policies has been simmering for a while now in the online world and recently with the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal in the headlines, it has come to a full boil. Having a comprehensive and easy-to-understand Privacy Policy not only protects you and your business, but it also…

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Humor Appeals

A recent commercial was a huge hit in my household. It shows a husband and a wife looking over the paperwork to purchase a vehicle, and the salesperson tells them that they are going to love their deal. The husband responds by stating that he has a great poker face,…

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In Email, Timing is Everything

I spent much of today hurrying to get out an email campaign for a client that wouldn’t take no for an answer. no you shouldn’t mail on Friday. No you shouldn’t mail after 2PM. No you shouldn’t mail preceeding a holiday weekend. It didn’t listen and the mail went out.…

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Porsche Boxster Video and Other Subject Lines That Work

Yesterday's inbox presented me with a message with the title "SmartStream: 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder Video." Never mind that it was from an unknown source. The subject line got my attention and I'm not even a sports car enthusiast. It is probably because I'm not an enthusiast that made this…

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When Great Subject Lines Fail to Deliver

Today I received an email with the subject, "I would like to take you to lunch." Quick and to the point, it got my attention and made me open it. The problem was once I got inside there was a form letter from a man I do not know trying…

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Respecting the Opt Out List

In honor of the death of John Jay Daly, former president of the Direct Marketing Association and  founder of the program that allows consumers to opt out of direct mail marketing campaigns, I thought it be valuable to revisit the topic of email and direct mail marketing preferences. The most…

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