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How Effective is Email Marketing?

We are pleased to announce that Michael Mackenzie Communications was named a Constant Contact All Star for 2017! This annual award recognizes the most successful 10 percent of Constant Contact’s customer and Solution Provider base. Research shows that email marketing continues to deliver the highest returns of any marketing channel.…

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In Marketing, Spelling Matters—Even on Social Media

I recently received a LinkedIn invitation from a colleague with whom I hadn’t spoken in a while, and curious about his recent work, I visited his LinkedIn Profile. Since we had last worked together, he had started his own marketing firm. I read his “120-or-fewer character” LinkedIn summary, looking forward…

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How to Dim the Glare of a One-Star Review

I recently had a horrendous customer service experience at a local car wash. As a marketing professional, I know full well that people are much more likely to share negative feedback on a product or service than positive experiences, and I am no different. As soon as I got home,…

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Some Things Can’t be Measured

In a previous blog I wrote about Peter Drucker’s famous quote “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” There are posters available of Drucker with these words in quotation marks (I know, one used to hang in my previous manager’s office). There is just one problem with that…

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Measuring Success

I had a manager many years ago that was fond of constantly quoting Peter Drucker in saying “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” What she meant was that we had to define and track our success.  We were trainers at the time, training sales reps on new…

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Increasing Your Site’s Visibility on Google Search

You can quickly boost your visibility on Google by adding Google+ to your social media footprint. When organizations start to think about using Google+ for their business, one of the first questions they ask is how can Google+ help my business? First of all, Google+ and Google Search are directly…

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Editing Matters

You may have heard or read that last month’s printed invitation to the president’s State of the Union address had a typo. Instead of “Union,” the word “Uniom” was printed. As a communications professional, I shook my head. Did anyone edit that copy before it went to print? The office…

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Marketing is Changing in 2018, More or Less

A client remarked this morning that everything is changing more in marketing now than ever. I would dare say that at 86 years of age and with 60 books published and 56 years teaching experience under his belt Philip Kotler, the legendary Northwestern marketing professor, would argue that things are…

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