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Hacks for Using Google Analytics 4 that Don’t Require Hacking

Key Features to Alter in Your Account’s Default Settings

It’s been 30+ days since many sites have either manually or automatically been converted to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) from Universal Analytics. While the GA4 Setup Assistant is useful, there are certain aspects it might miss during the migration to your website’s new GA4 operation. This blog will explain how to fix omissions by customizing your GA4 settings to meet your business requirements during your transition.

Adjusting Your Data Retention Default Tracking Period

The first task on your agenda should be modifying the default data retention period. Typically, Google Analytics 4 displays your website’s data collections for your website for only the previous two months. However, having a larger dataset provides more comprehensive insights into your website visitors’ behavior. If you’re using the free version of GA4, you can extend the retention period to 14 months. To achieve this, navigate to GA4 Admin Settings, then to Data Settings, and click the Data Retention button. On the drop-down menu, increase the Retention Period to 14 months. Extending this timeframe benefits marketers by providing greater clarity and facilitating a more full-bodied data analysis.

Expediting Data Retrieval from Conversion Events

While navigating through Conversion Events, Google would have you wait at least 24 hours to access the Conversion Data. However, completing these next steps will provide the data collection in real time. To achieve this, return to the Admin Settings, click on the Conversion page, and navigate to New Conversion Event. Name the Event “generate_lead.” Then for real-time event data, copy the previously created Event from the Event page and navigate back to the Conversion page. Then click New Conversion on the Conversion page and paste the previously created Event into the New Conversion. Need a primer on understanding Conversion Event data?

You Are Your Best Hack

The shortest path success with GA4 is getting certified. Marketers benefit from understanding GA4, as it aids in optimizing consumer journeys and business strategies. Executives and other leaders are going to ask you to explain the new data set. Sharpen your skills so that you’re prepared.

This post is courtesy of MMC Marketing Intern Andrea Miles.

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