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Formatting Your Facebook Ad

Facebook is a veritable fire hose of advertisements. Your posts, articles and brilliant insights do not stand a chance at catching anyone’s attention unless you employ a few tested strategies to make your content pop. Most people view Facebook on their mobile devices. No one wants to read a 500-word…

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Another Example of When Advertising Really Isn’t the Same as PR

With the increasing fragmentation of media and the ever shrinking budget for journalists comes a great opportunity for media coverage for those businesses who take the time to explore it. Online and offline publications looking to fill their growing pages are more interested in bylined articles.  Bylined article submission should…

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Why Smart Professionals Invest in Marketing

Some businesses fall prey to the great idea of if we build it, they will come. No marketing necessary. Typically this is the plight of organizations run by really smart and highly educated professionals like engineers or attorneys. They know they are really good and what they do. And they…

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Mother’s Day Publicity Stunt Done Well

In honor of Mother's day, a local jewelry store held a contest where they invited students from area schools to write a letter explaining what made their mother special. The winners of the content would receive one of several 1/4 carat diamond pendants the store would be giving away. The…

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New Coke: Was It Really That Long Ago?

As a marketing pro, I get great pleasure out of hyper-analyzing campaigns good and bad. And as a type-A personality with a steel trap mind, I tend to remember all kinds of useless information. But New Coke falls in that category of a marketing snafu that I thought everyone remembered, especially…

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Impact of Failing Newspapers on Advertising and Quality of News

Mitch Leff shared this article this morning, detailing projections of which major US newspapers will fail or move to all digital before we exit the recession: The bigger question here is, what will the migration of former major dailies to the web do for you PR? 1. It will…

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