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What’s on the Horizon for SEO?

An inherent quality of the Internet is that it is always changing. I spend a good 25% of my day, every day, reading and researching, trying to stay abreast of what's coming next and whether or not it is important for our Clients. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is always at…

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Formatting Your Facebook Ad

Facebook is a veritable fire hose of advertisements. Your posts, articles and brilliant insights do not stand a chance at catching anyone’s attention unless you employ a few tested strategies to make your content pop. Most people view Facebook on their mobile devices. No one wants to read a 500-word…

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Why Your Auto Attendant Greeting Matters

We have recently installed a new telecom system here at MMC. At one point in the installation process, I was asked what we would like our auto attendant to say on the greeting. Sure, no problem. “Press 1 for Jennifer, press 2 for the next, etc.” Simple, right?  Not so…

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Clear Your Browser Cache to See the Changes

One of the most frequently repeated phrases I find myself typing in client emails is, “You may need to clear your browser cache to see the changes.” We maintain dozens of client websites and are constantly updating and/or adding content. After we make the updates, sometimes the client can’t see…

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Porsche Boxster Video and Other Subject Lines That Work

Yesterday's inbox presented me with a message with the title "SmartStream: 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder Video." Never mind that it was from an unknown source. The subject line got my attention and I'm not even a sports car enthusiast. It is probably because I'm not an enthusiast that made this…

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Listening Should Be Your First Social Media Strategy

Yesterday while participating in a panel discussion at the SBDC FastTrack session at GSU, one of the attendees asked whether her firm needed a social media strategy. I shared with her the same explanation we’ve been using for several months: you don’t need a social media strategy; you need a…

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Considerations for Attorneys Using Social Media

Paul Arne's ViewPoint in last week's Atlanta Business Chronicle goes straight to the point of a sore issue I've been hearing from our attorney clients of late: exactly what should and shouldn't I do with social media. In his article, he cites an example where the glowing praises of a…

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When Great Subject Lines Fail to Deliver

Today I received an email with the subject, "I would like to take you to lunch." Quick and to the point, it got my attention and made me open it. The problem was once I got inside there was a form letter from a man I do not know trying…

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