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Success Stories Case Studies

Why Authentic Customer Case Studies Work Best

Whether you call them case studies, customer profiles or testimonials, the reality is that spotlight pieces far outshine other marketing communication materials in terms of ...
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4 Steps to Ensuring the Best Marketing Experience for Your Business

Business owners recognize that marketing is an important part of business growth. Once you’ve realized that outsourcing marketing responsibilities is more time and cost efficient, ...
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When Should a Small Business Hire a Marketing Company?

Small business owners should be focused on running their businesses. While effectively marketing your company is essential to growing your organization, for many business owners, ...
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Cut the Time of Social Media Video Editing with CapCut

In the digital marketing world, not all videos are going to be filmed by a professional videographer. This can lead to spending hours on end ...
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Marketing Intern — Summer 2022

Confident, out-going, professional candidate will be rewarded with customer-facing, resume-building experience via paid summer internship in Metro Atlanta during the summer of 2022. Position Requirements: ...
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Avalanche Innuendo Advertising

Writing for Brevity Can Be Difficult Enough Without Broadcast TV-imposed Restrictions

Writing for a 15-second TV spot is difficult enough but when you have to layer in all kinds of G-rated audience limitations to allow for ...
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