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Marketing Intern — Summer 2022

Confident, out-going, professional candidate will be rewarded with customer-facing, resume-building experience via paid summer internship in Metro Atlanta during the summer of 2022. Position Requirements: …

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Avalanche Innuendo Advertising

Writing for Brevity Can Be Difficult Enough Without Broadcast TV-imposed Restrictions

Writing for a 15-second TV spot is difficult enough but when you have to layer in all kinds of G-rated audience limitations to allow for …

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Now Hiring: Account Manager

Roswell-area marketing and PR firm seeks experienced marketing professional with agency or client-side SMB experience to manage all facets of marketing communications for our B2B …

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Brochures & Corporate Collateral

Four Steps for Proofing Marketing Materials That Will Save You Dollars and Headaches in Printing

There is a proverb that says you should measure twice and cut once. This advice, literally meant for the woodworker or the tailor, is a …

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The Plain Writing Act of 2010 Ushered in the Benefits of Writing in Plain Language

Back in the Dark Ages of 1996 when I got my start as a copywriter, we weren’t quite sure about how this whole Internet thing …

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