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Jennifer Koon smiling outside. Marketing

What Should My Professional Headshot Say About Me?

After winning the door prize drawing at a recent Alpharetta Chamber luncheon, I met with the commercial photographer who was going to take my complimentary ...
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Public Relations

Put the Public Back in Public Relations

The very first rule of public relations is that you must get out in public. No, that doesn’t mean your Saturday morning errands are going ...
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Credit Card and Phone in Hand Budgets

Don’t Let Autorenewals and Unwanted Subscriptions Cost You Money!

Let’s face it, there are subscriptions now for just about everything. From software licenses to business publication subscriptions to association memberships, the costs add up ...
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Woman drawing productivity line upward. Productivity

Maximize Production by Minimizing Distractions

Whether you’re juggling multiple clients or managing several projects within a company, distractions can eat into efficiency. And lost efficiency costs companies money! This will ...
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Man walking in front of bus. Productivity

Process Documentation: What is it and why is it so important?

I refer to it as the bus theory. I’m sure you’ve heard people say “just in case I’m hit by a bus” or something similar. ...
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Woman juggling balls Productivity

Effectively Juggle Day-to-Day Tasks and the Unexpected Crisis

Every business has a day-to-day, and even month-to-month, routine. The ongoing tasks are juggled efficiently because you and your team adequately plan for them. But ...
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News Conference Public Speaking

Tips for Prepping for Media Conversations: The Difference Between Prepping for Live vs. Recorded Interviews

As media professionals, we spend a lot of time trying to train our clients how to “stay on message” when talking to audiences including the ...
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