Who is Left Reading the AJC?

AJC rolls out a whole new look on Sunday but released this video preview yesterday. It looks more like USAToday than the Wall Street Journal. Form your own opinions about what that says about the appetite of their readership (to me that says they think that readers want more entertainment…

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Great Stat on Blog Readership

eMarketer.com reports that 14% of US Internet users update their blog at least once per month but more importantly 48% read a bloggers each month. So the next time someone questions the value of time you're investing in social media with the common poke, "yeah but who's reading it?" share with…

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Impact of Failing Newspapers on Advertising and Quality of News

Mitch Leff shared this article this morning, detailing projections of which major US newspapers will fail or move to all digital before we exit the recession: http://247wallst.com/2009/03/09/the-ten-major-newspapers-that-will-fold-or-go-digital-next/. The bigger question here is, what will the migration of former major dailies to the web do for you PR? 1. It will…

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Word of Mouth Marketing In Action

I took the family for lunch at Chili's after church on Sunday. I had a coupon for a free meal as part of a promotion I enrolled in through BzzAgent. I joined BzzAgent last year at the recommendation of a friend who suggested joining as a way to get advanced…

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Email that talks: Would you like that in your in-box?

Last monthI had the pleasure of lunching with Lisa Jones, the founder of http://www.eyemailinc.com. Eyemail is a different kind of email marketing company not just because of Lisa but because of the way the application works. As Lisa advertises, "ours can be the only message in your in box that…

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Subject Lines That Increase Your Email Open Rates

This morning I received an email with the subject line: Al Roker is Fat Again. While I’m not an avid NBC Today Show  follower, I opened the message instantly.

Writing subject lines that catch the attention of your reader is a skill that not everyone can claim. And depending on the medium — direct mail packages, email campaigns or websites — the tactic can be completely different. But crafting a great subject lines can make the difference between capturing eyeballs and the round file.

Direct marketers have long known this and spammers caught on to this tactic quickly. Consider all of the messages that you used to open — before we all became SPAM savvy —  about subjects that had nothing to do with the headline.

So today when you’re competing with spammers and all kinds of other mailbox noise, how do you increase your open rate? Return to some of the basics of copy writing while still be mindful of the new media intricacies.

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